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Bebside Outlet Instore Exclusive.

RRP £60, NOW JUST £40!

1kg x Rump Steak,
1kg x Chicken Breast Fillets
1kg x Steak Mince
1kg x Pork Sausage
1kg x Rindless Back Bacon
2kg x Pork Loin Joint


Easter Hamper 1 (regular)

RRP £50, NOW JUST £40!

2kg Pork Loin Joint

1kg Beef Joint

1kg Pork Sausage

1kgRindless Back Bacon

1kg Rump Steak


Easter Hamper 2 (medium)

RRP £75, NOW JUST £60!

2kgPork Loin Joint

2kgTurkey Crown

1.5kgBeef Joint

1kgPork Sausage

1kgRindless Back Bacon

1kgRump Steaks

1kgChicken Breast Fillets


Easter Hamper 3 (large)

RRP £100, NOW JUST £80!

2kgLamb Leg Joint

2kgTurkey Crown

2kgPork Loin Joint

2kgPork Sausage

2kgRindless Back Bacon

1kg Rump Steak

1kg Chicken Breast Fillets

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